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A lot of people think that getting a spray tan before going on holiday is a bad idea – Is it true or false?
False. Getting a spray tan before you go on holiday gives you that summer glow before you’ve had your week away – clients describe it as ‘taking the edge off’. It’s important to remember that a spray tan will offer no protection from the sun and as your spray tan fades, your real tan will develop if you’re out in the sun. A top tip is to use Aftersun Lotion, with a hint of self tan – its creamy texture is brilliant for soothing your skin and it’s enriched with self tan so it actually gives you a deeper glow.

True or false, you can’t get a tan through a spray tan?
False. A spray tan offers no protection from UVA or UVB rays, so you will still tan but you will also need to wear sun cream too.

How can you stop your tan going streaky in the sea/pool?
Don’t go in the pool while your self tan is still developing – it’s important to make sure you’ve washed off all the temporary bronzing color beforehand. I try to not go in the pool on the first day and use a sun cream that’s formulated to work with a spray tan.

Is there a risk that you’ll come back paler than you left?
It all depends on how much tanning in the sun you are wanting to do! If you are tanning every single day on your holiday you’ll come back with a deeper tan.  If it’s a worry, make another appointment for a spray tan upon your return from vacation, 770-354-1905.


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